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18:11:41 Mon
Feb 5 2007

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Re: Docking Laws

Chaos his tails and his dew claws neither of which gives him any trouble and to be honest one of the reasons i fell in love with him so quickly was the fact that his picture liz sent me of him clearly showed his tail, it didn't look like it wasn't meant to be there.

I say leave them alone i'm afraid!


PS it gives them hours of fun trying to chase it

14:02:27 Tue
Feb 6 2007

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Re: Docking Laws

This conversation is very interesting to me. I am in the US and tail docking is considered normal and is common place. In fact, I cant say I have ever seen a Boxer with a tail other than when we had our newborn (accidental) litter, but we had them removed at 2 days old by our vet.

Someone mentioned above how differnt things are in differnt countries and I couldnt agree more. Dont get me wrong, Im not really for or against tail docking, it's just the norm here and I find it very interesting how differnt things are in other parts of the world.

As far as dew claws go 1 of our 5 still has her dew claws (she came to us this way when she was 2 years old), she is the most energetic one of the bunch and has never had any problems with them. One of the babies (now 4 1/2 months old) still has part of one of his dews...when the vet did the tails he removed all the dews and somehow this one didnt quite come out. He said that they crush the nail and then just kind of wiggle it out, the way he worded it didnt sound so bad, and he thought that this one just didnt come all the way out but unless it gives him trouble to just leave it alone because after 3 days old they have to go under anestisha (sp?) to have it removed.


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