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23:57:26 Sun
Feb 12 2006

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Begining to see a familar pattern - perhaps...........

Well over the past few weeks the girls have had upset tummies off and on. Blammed it on a variety of things, mostly food or trying out new foods. However we suspect now that every time my nephew's dog visits the girls are sick within a day or so. My sis-in-law admitted that he had been sick during the week and now tonight [he was here on Friday] Katie was quite sick. Poor little thing was running around making sick motions and gulping air down. I caught her and gently massaged her tummy and throat and talked to her - think like small children it frightens them a bit feeling that way. Got her to take a dose of Kaoline/Morph - bless her she always takes it anyway [yeuck] and she settled down.

I noticed later this evening before we came upstairs she was running around trying to eat grass. Ive not objection to that except the next day, sometimes when they try to pass it, it isnt all that obliging to pass easily. Im sure you are all familar with that scenario.

Anyway we have decided that next time nephew brings his dog we will remove all toys and dishes just in case.........



20:18:50 Tue
Feb 14 2006

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Re: Begining to see a familar pattern - perhaps...........

You never know Helen!!

Another thing to look out for at this time of year is small mushrooms or fungi in your gardens. Last year Sasha had a constant tummy problem and it turned out she was eating things that were growing in the garden!

You just can't trust them!

Let us know if your cunning plan works Helen!


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