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07:53:23 Sat
Dec 19 2009

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escape artists!!!

we had a black crate similar to the one we have now when lilly was a puppy and had her surgery....when we live w/ my parents she BROKE it.... lol yes broke as in wires were coming out everywhich way. the one we have downstairs is more of a travel crate as it folds up instead of taking it apart to travel..........well i was gone hte other day and the hubbs went to work around 1130, i got home at 130. during this time, my 2 idiots escaped...bent the heck out of the crate, its tie wired now :smile: but omg i never realized how many diapers we go through in a day or 2....they ransacke the in my trash can was on the opposite side of the kitchen on its side minus the bag! lol needless to say it took a looong time to clean up and had to clean the carpet AGAIN!!! its not easy getting that gel stuff off carpet!!!

08:47:08 Sat
Dec 19 2009

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Re: escape artists!!!

oops! I remember the time I was in a rush and didn't secure the crate door properly. I came home a "bit tipsy" and thought we'd been burgled :lol:
I remember thinking how dicusting as there was a pooh in the middle of the lounge too! The sofa had been destroyed and rubbish was everywhere.
Panic set in when I looked at the crate to see it empty. I was just about to ring Brett (who was working) to tell him the dog had been pinched when I noticed a small quivering white thing on the sofa.......

Needless to say after that I double checked the locks everytime and tried to come home sober!!!


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