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10:46:46 Thu
Dec 30 2010

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missin my girl

man i miss my chilibean :sad: this would have been our second christmas with her. she was definately a pain, at times but what boxer isnt? lol. the kids still ask for her all the time n it KILLS me to tell them, esp liberty shes got a new home. what REALY pisses me off tho is when my mother answers her, n says oh chilis in a new home because we had to make NO chili is in a new home because of them. they were just fine in the crate together! they just dont like dogs, let alone my boxers! Lilly misses her too...during the day, we let her out n she comes in n out of the family room, but comes into my room n sleeps most of the day. i dont make her sleep in the crate so pisses my sister off but yanno what, i dont care! lol it isnt fair to make her sleep all by herself. shes actually gotten cuddlier in bed where b4, if u touched her with your foot shed get up n move lol now she leans into me.

christmas was pretty good on this end, hope everyone had a great one. we all headed over to toms dads place n spent it as a family...of course miss abigail wasnt feeling well n was up literally ALL nite! she finally went down at 6am to be woke up by the big kids ready to dig in.made fora super long day.

12:17:54 Thu
Dec 30 2010

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Re: missin my girl

Awww, it takes a long time to get used to not having them around.


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