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07:34:34 Wed
Sep 30 2015

House training help please!!

Hi - Bertie is our 8 week boxer pup.

He is taken outside to pee frequently - after food, play, sleeps etc. First couple of days he did every wee / poo outside. Then yesterday he just played in the garden & came in and toileted. So I restricted play time outside by putting him on a lead.

Now he appears to be on a wee strike! He just lies down and gives me 'the eyes'. So this morning he went out at 5.30am but I missed his pee in the crate (he cried after he pee'd not before) - but I took him out anyway.

We went back to bed & I took him out at 7 - no pee.

30+ mins later I needed to feed kids so into his (now clean) crate for 20 mins.

Outside again.

In & breakfast - we are back outside and still no pee!

It's really not that warm in the UK at the moment - he is cold, I'm cold - there is no pee!!!

He has access to water.


16:45:27 Wed
Dec 2 2015

Re: House training help please!!

Going through the same ritual with our two pups, one is deaf, just to add to the fun.
We seem to have mad some progress with plenty of newspaper on the kitchen floor, bit of trouble aiming.
At night, they howl when they want to pee , which is good, albeit tiring for us humans.
During the day, it would s a mix of some success, and occasional peeling on the kitchen floor as soon as hey come back into the house.
Good luck anyway.


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