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19:14:15 Mon
Feb 26 2007


My little darlings molly & sasha are coming on, my last shout for help was begging for food, which has really calmed down, thanks for tips guys.
I need some advice on recall, they are mostly walked in woods, they just go mad running about, it is great to see, you can usually see other people approaching for miles, so we sometime take a diversion, however when there are other dogs there, our two just decide to run with them understandably finding every man, woman or child even more interesting than us, then it is me and hubby doing recall, retracting out steps to reclaim our dogs as they are away down the road we have just walked. Sometimes it would be easier just to invite ourselves to walk with these other people together, it would be easier. So does this get easier as they get older. I want them to enjoy other dogs but to be able to leave them and come with us.

22:23:20 Tue
Feb 27 2007

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Re: Recall

Ahhh that old chestnut :eek:

My first bit of advice would be to practise this ALOT when there are no distractions around. You want your recall to work perfectly when you need it the most.

I use two types of recall depending on what I want. If I call "Sasha with me" she knows that she has to come back and stay in my "area". Tizzy already knows this too and is quicker at it than Sasha!

"Sasha come" means come back here and put your lead on or sit and stay because I need your attention. Again, through practise practise practise, Tizzy can do that too now.

Boxers are terrible for distractions - you just have to make sure you are the most interesting thing on their walk and it doesnt matter what else they see - they would rather be with you. Act like a lemon jumping up and down if you have to!!:cheerleader:


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