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09:02:53 Mon
Jan 28 2008

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Bobbi is vomiting occaisonally

In the last 4 days Bobbi has been sick 4 times, at varying times of the day. The last time was at 4AM this morning :sick:
When she was first sick we thought that it was the tripe she had been given (a different make from usual) so we went back to the original stuff and she is still being sick. It is not a lot of sick and it is not directly after eating:dunno:
I thought that she may have eaten someting in the garden, she has a tendancy to eat leaves and twigs, but surely this shouldn't last a few days. She is fine in herself and as full of beans as a 4 month old puppy should be.

Any ideas? before i take her to the vets and get charged a fee to be told to starve her for 24 hours.
Cheers in advance.

11:43:53 Mon
Jan 28 2008

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Re: Bobbi is vomiting occaisonally

Poor Bobbi :bighug:

Is she coughing at all and how much sick is there? Is it the food she is bringing up, or just bile? Has she got the runs too??

I think you have answered your own question with regarding to starving for 24 hours, although it could well be she has something stuck in her throat, so that wont help.

Hope she is feeling better soon :bighug:


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