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19:30:19 Wed
Sep 21 2011

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Good news for Henry and for us


Not been on here for a while - been catching up with most updates on facebook, but not planning on neglecting this site any longer!:wink:

Henry & Busta are both doing great. Henry is thriving and we really don't consider him as sick anymore (although the cancer is still there).
Busta is also doing great, but harder to forget about all his problems as he is still very patchy where his fur was shaved for scans, other tests and all the sores he had, he has also put on loads of weight because of the steroids, so we are now limiting his food and access the biscuits we used to leave down all the time and he is getting extra exercise to try to burn some of it off, but apart from that he is completely back to his old self, no problems and running around all over the place! :dogwalking:

Anyway the good news i have is that we will no longer have to stop Henry's chemo medication - for a good while at least! We were gutted last week when we came to the conclusion that we could no longer afford the treatment when our current supply runs out at the end of October.

It was costing us around 300 - 350 a month for the medication and all the ongoing tests that went with it.
I contacted his specialist yesterday by email to ask about vaccinations and whether Henry should have his because of his condition - I also explained that we had finally reached the bottom of our bank balances, overdrafts and had run out of other options and would therefore have to stop the Palladia. She called me back today and offered 80 doses (which will last approx seven months) of palladia that had recently expired for free. There is nothing that could harm Henry in this, but they can no longer sell the medication as it is past it's expiry date. She said there was a very small chance that it may have lost a slight bit of it's potency, but that is unlikely. Even if this is the case - we were going to have to stop the treatment altogether, so a slightly reduced strength is much better than none at all!

This will give us a bit longer to sort our finances out again and we may even be able to go ahead with the scan to check his progress early next year.
We will still have to have blood tests every two to three months, but even those can be reduced to just the important factors, white blood cells / albumin etc instead of the full works which will also save us money.

I am over the moon - I can't stop smiling as we were really gutted when we realised we had no choice about stopping his treatment and this has just put it all back on track again :mischief:

I have loads more to update (including news of our newest addition - Our Bengal kitten Regal, those on facebook will already know about him) and will try to post some piccies over the next few days :wink:

Caroline, Henry Monster, Bustaroo, Pepsi and the not forgotten Tia baby & Kirei xxxx

07:26:26 Fri
Sep 23 2011

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Re: Good news for Henry and for us


19:22:30 Fri
Sep 23 2011

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Re: Good news for Henry and for us

Fantastic news Caroline :banana: it makes you wonder just how much medication is just thrown away due to sell by dates which could be put to good use :crying:


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04:11:37 Wed
Oct 26 2011

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Re: Good news for Henry and for us

wonderful news caroline!!!!!


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