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23:14:18 Sun
Nov 27 2011

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Hello again

Hi all. Have popped in to catch up again. I've not been on alot lately as have had not a great summer (personal reasons not related to Gixer!!) Anyway I have enjoyed catching up on the news and reading posts from tnew members.

Gixer is generally doing well although we have seen changes in hm recently. After a walk round the block he is knackered for the rest of the day and after a run it takes a while to recover. He sleeps more now and quite deeply but when he's awake I quite often see my cheeky boy back.

I know his meds are what are keeping him with us as a month or so ago Brett and I had a mix up in communication and it ended up with Gix not having his evening meds which I didn't find out until the next morning when I found him on the sofa looking terrible and I literally had to poke him to check he was alive. It really scared me as before he could miss one dose or even a day and it would have no effect - not that he missed meds often! but now it really shows if he misses any.

We have had a nightmare with online pharmacies who keep messing us around but hopefully that is settled now.

Gix does have a small lump on one of his back thighs. It has got bigger lately. I will show the vet next time we are there but I will not have anything done unless necessary as when he had an anaesthetic for the Epulis it was so stressful for him and us. I know lumps and Boxers aren't a good mix but he is at a greater frisk from an operation than whatever the lump is really

04:59:01 Mon
Nov 28 2011

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Re: Hello again

Missed you n hearing of your sweet boy!!! Its never fun when our fur babes r not well. I hope he was able to help u on ur haed days w big boxer kisses n hugs. They do give the best hugs!!!

02:26:56 Sat
Dec 3 2011

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Re: Hello again

Hi there
Hope you are doing better now

I ordered food from online pharmacy ad waited and waited, ignored my email. After 10 days phoned them - it was still sitting in their warehouse!! It's put me off usi g them again

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