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13:40:35 Tue
Jan 10 2012

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Hey guys hope you've had a lovely Christmas/new year.
Boo was neutered two weeks before Christmas, he managed to pull a roast chicken off of the top and when my other dogs went for it he bit Louis to the point of bleeding. Since then he's a different dog! No fighting, much calmer and just the usual play fighting, he and Louis are playing well. Boo and I have joined an agility class, and as much fun as we have, boo is graceless, stumbles quite a lot and isn't too great at turning lol was wondering whether this is a typical boxer puppy, whether they are clumsy as adults too or whether I've just got a particularly uncoordinated pup lol.

Boo has been a large topic at the vets recently what with the wound he caused and the deafness, but one of the vets has a friend who is a vet and is conducting research on boxers and white versions of other breeds and she has concluded that whites live longer than any other colour, on average one and a half years longer, has anyone on the forum had a few colors and found this or?

Anyway I found that pretty interesting lol.

19:51:48 Tue
Jan 10 2012

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Re: Research

lol at boo being graceless!!! boxers imo are very uncoordinated! ive heard too they are smart, but from what i see of the ones i have, quite the opposite is true. tom laughs and says that between the 2, we have a whole dog! they are definately amusing. lilly was quite clumsy as a pup, so was chili and walter. sorry to hear about louis being bitten, but glad there have been no more fighting.
i know one thing with deaf dogs, they are very cautious. its not good to sneak up on them because they cannot hear the other animals coming and if they are into something, it may startle them and nip out of reaction more than being mean. i wonder if being dead also plays a role in balance? chili was extremely clumsy.

17:14:01 Mon
Jan 16 2012

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Re: Research

Hi - sad to say (or glad to say) they are clumsy through and through!

My last boxer was white but hearing. My vet says its something to do with white animals having deformed hair in their ears to carry the sound, but that whites are only just more likely to be deaf than coloured dogs.

Sadly my white boxer had epilepsy and died at a young age but i dont think that is the norm.



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