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10:51:49 Tue
Jan 7 2014


Hi All, I will try to keep this as brief as possible. We collected a new boxer pup on December 23rd, we had been told by the breeder (approved breeder, KC Reg) that Albert was 8 weeks, but I couldn't help noticing he was tiny, but he was not the runt who was smaller still, but because I have large breeds also I just assumed boxer pups were small (our last boxer was a rescue) she said he was on solid food, and had been checked by a vet etc, we had no reason apart from being small to believe anything was wrong, she said he had a little diarreah due to teething? Anyway we took Albert home, he has a vets appointment on the Friday 27th dec for a general check over and 1st injection. However during the few days we had him home we noticed he didn't eat or drink on his own so we began syringe feeding him, the runs became worse, and it was out as soon as it was in, we immediately rang the emergency vet and took albert in, he was dehydrated had dropped from 2 kilos to 1.75 in two days, we thought we were going to lose him, he spent the next 5 days at the vets on a drip, we did fecal and blood tests,bloods were fine but fecal showed coccidian giardia and campylobacter, we were absolutely mortified, on top of that he had the worst case of worms I have ever seen, he was even vomiting them up, but the breeder insisted he had been wormed twice, I wont go into details about the WORDS I have had with the breeder, so on essence Albert is now home, very thin, on anti biotics for at least a week, his second tube of panacur and another tube of canikur, he still has some runny poo but its not as bad as it was and not as frequent, may be twice a day, but the real issue I have now is feeding him, he will not eat the same thing twice, I have 12 different types of puppy food, he will est it in the morning but not the afternoon, he will eat biscuits as long as its from the bag but not often, I cook chicken breast fresh each time he is awake, sometimes he will eat it sometimes he wont, he will eat cottage cheese now and again ( vet suggested that) scrambled egg sometimes, but I am now desperate to feed him something he will eat each time so that I know he is eating proper meals in order to instigate some weight gain, he does now at least have an appetite although its a bit hit n miss some days are better than others, but given that I offer several different food through the course of the day, I am struggling to find something he really likes, any help and advice would be very much appreciated, we just want our boy to be happy healthy and well.



00:03:33 Thu
Mar 13 2014

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Re: Albert

Hi, I had a very fussy eater with my dog as a pup,wouldnt eat same food to often,always trying different brands, she has now been on Natures Diet for couple of years now(shes 3 now) she took to it straight away and never has loose stools now, hope your pup has sttled down now and feeling better,x


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