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13:25:26 Fri
Dec 12 2014

Help with Deaf Boxer

Hi there

I'm needing help with my deaf boxer, she, Pinky, is 7 months old now, we got her when she was 14 weeks old. We'd lost our other white boxer, who could hear, a few months earlier and was looking for another to love and also a companion for the litter sister we had left, Roxy, who is 9.5yrs old. Roxy has taken to Pinky very very well and is very tolerant of her.

To set the scene, she stays with my other boxer during the day and sleeps in the evening with her, Pinky sticks to her like glue most of the time. Their bed is situated under the stairs in the hall and this is where my other two always slept as well. We are a working household and timings mean that she is left alone, with Roxy, approx 6 hrs a day four days of the week, they have toys, stuff kongs etc.

Anyways, we are having toileting issues, mostly peeing as she does poo outside with only a few accidents and the other issue is of a night time, for the last few months she barks during the night!

So the peeing .... well she knows the sign for wee wee and when we take her out and do the sign she knows to go pee, however, alot of the time she will come back in and then within 30 mins to an hour will pee on the floor anywhere!! I am currently trying to get a sample and I'm going to get her tested for a wee infection etc, but to be honest I don't think she has, I just want to rule that out, because sometimes she'll go hours and be fine. Although I have found that when I am off I tend to let her out every hour or so now because I don't want to set her up to fail and pee in the house but I'm not sure if I'm making it worse because she's not being allowed to hold it longer!! ... just a thought!

So the night thing ... well she use to just pee and poo on the paper during the night, and that's fine but then a few months ago she started to bark, which again was initially fine as I'd get up and let her out to pee/poo. However, she is now 7 months old and, last night for instance, she had me up 3 times - I went to bed about 10.30, she woke me up 12ish, 3ish and then about 5.15 and each time I let her out and then put her back to bed. What I have found is the time she gets up from around 3am she struggles to settle again in bed, she will bark, just a single one, pauses for a few seconds and then with do a bark again etc, I come down tell her no, put her back in bed and normally that will be OK, sometimes I have to come down 2-3 more times and then she settles. On occasion she wont, like today at the 5.15ish one she wouldn't settle and I ended up having to get up and come downstairs and basically sleep on the sofa so that she didn't wake the household (husband and 2 small children 3 and 5) - she settles fine then and will sleep normally till I have to get up.

However, as this is becoming a regular thing it is, obviously, putting a strain on my relationship and its not right really that she should be doing this and we can't let it continue and need to break the habit but I think we are just worn down and too tired to think clearly ourselves!!

Sorry a bit long but I'm desparate and I'm looking for ideas please, anything!!!

Thank you for reading


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