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11:48:59 Tue
Apr 12 2005

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I regularly hear everyone chat about how we should be careful with our babies when they are having ops.

Sasha has to go in next week, so I remembered to ask the vet about any specific anaesthesia to be used with boxers. He said that they used the same stuff with boxers that they use on every other dog and that they used the safest stuff on the market, but apparently boxers are the worst breed for reacting to anaesthetics.

I was still a little concerned, so came home and scoured the WhiteStuff for info and found a great link from Linda
Acepromazine Link (just thought I would bring it back to the top as it is so important)

I phoned my vet asked them for specific info on which anaesthetic they would be using on Sasha and it is as follows:
Induction agent - propofol
Gas - seroflurane

I was still a little concerned that they hadn't seemed to take into account that she was a boxer and may have a reaction, so asked her specifically about acepromazine. Thankfully she said that they were fully aware of that and NEVER used it on boxers and they used an alternative premed Domitor torbugesic. The reason they hadn't mentioned it was because they wouldnt be using it - makes sense I suppose!!

I feel a little more relaxed about it now, although who is relaxed when their baby is going to be cut open, especially when we dont know what the results will be.

Karen :wave:

16:16:47 Tue
Apr 12 2005


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Re: Anaesthesia

I can understand how you feel. That's why I'm leaving Sasha's mouth alone. She is alot older than your Sasha and over weight.



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