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20:24:31 Wed
Oct 12 2005

Newbie Nelson

Hi, I'm Nelson, and apart from being caught sleeping on top of all the clean clothes in the laundry basket this morning, I'm usually a good boy.... or at least I think I am!! Mum and dad posted my picture in the art gallery a couple of days ago and I thought I would write a little here about myself.
I live in the Scottish Borders, am two and a half years old, and am the happiest of all doggies with my life now. When I was very wee things weren't so good until dad came and rescued me when I was six months old and got a nice vet person to sort out all the health problems I had. Nowadays I'm full of beans and would like a brother or sister to play with one day!

20:50:53 Wed
Oct 12 2005

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Re: Newbie Nelson

Nice to hear that you are in a good, loving home now Nelson and that your dad loves you so much!!

You would love a brother or sister - we have two, Molly a 5 year old brindle girl who is a bit physco with other dogs and Tash who is 4 and all white and very deaf, if you have a look in the art gallery their are some pics of them.

Very lucky to be living in Scotland!!

Make sure you chip in your two penneth in chat as it would be great to have a male adversary as sometimes I do feel a little out numbered by all the female members - that said they are a great bunch with a wicked sense of humour!!

Welcome both from Paul, Lynne, The two girls and Molly and Tash.

10:37:04 Fri
Oct 14 2005

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Re: Newbie Nelson

Welcome welcome Nelson. Sounds like you had a rough start but its good to hear things are great for you now. My little girl Sasha had the same start as you and I got her when she was 5 months old.

Look forward to hearing lots more about you and seeing plenty of photos - its one big family here and a great place to get advice and let off steam!!


Karen's Email
17:21:35 Fri
Oct 21 2005

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Re: Newbie Nelson

Welcome! I saw the picture in the gallery and you are a handsome fellow!!!
I'm Eddie, NickiG's my mom. I have a mom, dad, 2 skin sisters, a kitty named JoJo, a furry shihtzu brother Oliver and 2 rats! We live in Ontario Canada!
I hope you like it here!
Mom is the moderator here and usually can help if you have a question or a problem...
Welcome again and enjoy!


Mommy of,
Oliver the Shih tzu
JoJo the Kitty
Tank the Bulldog

Gone from here, but never forgotten...Eddie the white boxer boy.....


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