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19:16:17 Thu
Sep 13 2007

Deaf Puppy Advice!

Hi Ann - if you really are an "Ann" - that's how leary I am about 'My Space" type stuff. I work at a school so am very apprehensive - but I have GOT TO find some answers!
I am the very proud owner of a new white boxer puppy - deaf...He is so smart and has learned so much more than my little Yorkie has ever learned in her 7 years!
I got him at 7 weeks from a distraught breeder who had 3 white puppies in a litter of 8. My Roger was the only deaf puppy, though. It was my understanding that if someone had not come forth and taken him the very next day, he would meet his Maker! My lucky day!!!!! (his also) At least this breeder was kind enough not to give him to one of the several folks who called about him and did not even care what kind of dog he was - she suspected they wanted him to be "bait" for a dog fighting ring. What better bait than a poor little deaf guy!
Anyway, (now 3 months old), using hand signals and lots of treats, he knows when to SIT, STAY, & SHAKE....if I could only figure out the potty training stuff! I need to find out info about the underground fencing. Since it could be costly and could mean some extra effort on my husband's part, I really need to hear from some folks who might have used this system in the past. I understand that there is a definite beeping sound when the dog gets close to the fence (which my dog will never hear - therefore, no warning) I have conferred with my vet and we are both unsure,,,and...what about some kind of collar that "vibrates"? any info out there available? Thanks!

20:57:45 Thu
Sep 13 2007

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Re: Deaf Puppy Advice!

:hello: Yes she really is Ann, she set up The Whitestuff but doesn't come on anymore. My name is Karen and I have taken over Admin.

Don't worry, everyone on here is VERY genuine and you are bound to get plenty of help and advice.

My first two suggestions would be to wait for Paul, Gingerboy, to come on. He is fantastic with deaf dog advice and has one of his own.

My second piece of advice and perhaps is something you could get on with straight away, is to contact Sheila Dawson in White Boxer Rescue. She does a lot of work and training with deaf dogs and is full of great advice. Her phone number is 01772 690458, please feel free to tell her that Karen from the Whitestuff said to call.

Paul has also created a great advice page on the website Living with a deaf Boxer - perhaps you can get some tips and hints off there.

The vibrating collar you are talking about is like this It is totally humane and even we in rescue are happy to recommend its use. If you are going to use it though, please make sure you read up and investigate it fully as, with any training method, it is only successful if used the correct way.

I don't quite understand your comment on underground fencing, but perhaps someone else will.

Well done on taking on Roger, it sounds like you are working really hard with him and are getting some fantastic results. Do remember that any pup may still have toilet training problems up to 8 - 9 months, so you really are in the early days. My Tizzy was very lazy with her toilet training and I can honestly say that finally, at a year old, I think I have cracked it!! And she has perfect hearing!!

I do hope you take time to enjoy the rest of the forum and even post some photos of Roger for us to enjoy. As I said, we are a very genuine, close-nit forum. A few of us also do work for rescues as well so you are in good hands.


p.s. I separated your thread so that it would get noticed a lot more!!


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23:40:09 Thu
Sep 13 2007

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Re: Deaf Puppy Advice!

Hi Roger, welcome to the site, hope you like it here and get some of what you are looking for.
We have not seen Ann for a while, but she did tend much for English Bull Terriers.
I think Karen has said it all for us on here. My Daz, a 7 year old white male Boxer, (we live in Aberdeen) has been selectivley deaf from birth. i.e. you can shout at him sometimes and get no reaction, but, rustle a sweetie paper at 100 yards, and see those jowl flap in the wind as he bounds towards you.
Best of luck with the pup, and please keep in touch, let us know how he is doing.

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23:25:37 Fri
Sep 14 2007

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Re: Deaf Puppy Advice!

Hi + Welcome
Look forward to hearing more about your pup. He sounds great and you sound to be doing well in the training scheme of things.

As Karen says house training - different for them all. Our pup, who is 7 months, was 6 months before fully house trained. Our middle girl was just over 4 months and our older girl was about 4 months but she had cystitis when we got her and it took a while to clear up.

I think with any pup, hearing or not the key is taking outside often and staying with them until they do the deed and then a lot of praise and even more so with a non hearing pup.

What sort of fence/height do you have at the moment?

Paul is brilliant

Look forward to piccies


20:28:32 Thu
Oct 18 2007

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Re: Deaf Puppy Advice!

Hi Their

Firstly welcome to the site! Their are loads of helpful people on this forum and I can assure you that they are all genuine, both in terms of their love for the boxer breed and the advice they offer.

You mentionthat using hand signals you have already taught your boxer several commands, hang in their and just ensure you continue to train your boxer wherever and whenever you can. Traing a deaf boxer is all about continuity, praise and perseverance.

Beware of making sudden movements around deaf boxers, avoid standing over them which is a dominant stance. Try to get down to their level especially when giving praise.

In terms of fencing.............. I'm afraid I cannot help, we have always used standard fencing, but that said our dogs are not left outside for extended periods of time if we are not home.

To detter unwanted behaviour / digging, which I assume is what you are most concerned about you can get water spray collars and compressed air spray collars which you use for a short period of time. I must add that I have never used either and if you do intend on using either they are only intended to be used for very short periods of time to address specific unwanted behaviours!

I don't know if any of this helps, if you wish to discuss anything specific in more detail I am more than happy to help if I can.

Regards and good luck



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