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23:47:58 Sun
Dec 11 2005

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Having hairy dogs means that when they travel in the car they leave hairs behind them!. We had been buying those hamock type covers for the back seats but they dont seem to last long when the dogs are large like ours, they come apart underneath. Hairs cling like glue, hand washing no good [hairs dont lift even with the Vax] and when you machine wash, the underneath just falls apart.

Cany anyone recommend anything? We have tried blankets and throws, sheets etc - does anyone know of a reasonably priced back car cover suitable for dogs? If so where can you get it.

Many thanks


10:50:31 Mon
Dec 12 2005

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Re: Help!!

Know the feeling Helen. Our last car was a VW Sharan and Sasha sat between the front seats and second row, which meant dog hairs were plentiful!! Sorry to say, the only answer we found was hubby scrubbing VERY VERY hard with the end of the hoover!!

We now have a Toyota Estima which has a boot, so Sasha is tucked very neatly away in there. We just have towels down and one across the back of the seats, and that seems to be working for us just now.

Sorry, I don't know where to buy any seat covers, as we haven't used one. I know ARGOS sell them and my local pet shop, but that's no help really!!!

Dog Bag

Did find this though - that could solve the hair loss problems!!!! How cute does that boxer look!


Karen's Email
12:00:08 Wed
Dec 14 2005

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Re: Help!!

Hi Helen

Follow the link

Not the cheapest products but I can vouch for the quality, we had a bootliner in the mondeo and it was a god send. The seat covers etc are made of the same material and are very durable. Have a look around the site and see what you think.

The bootliners are made of a ripstop PU plastice material and the seat hammocks the same material. Seat covers are different material but it's worth giving them a call as they are very helpful and will be ale to advise of the best / most suitable product. Most products are made to measure as well so the fit and finish is superb!!

It's worth paying a little extra as their products will last for ages, whereas you will probably replace cheaper ones at leat 3-4 times hence working out more expensive!!


22:31:51 Thu
Dec 15 2005

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Re: Help!!

We just use a cheap rubber brush from Woolies! Works up a sweat but hey thats half the fun of being a boxer owner!!



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