VW 2.0 turbo in 68 bug
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05:20:37 Thu
Aug 27 2009
VW 2.0 turbo in 68 bug
Just got this project running a few months ago and finally got around to making a post. Its a vw 2.0 engine with a turbo off of a volvo (740 I think) Its pretty quick, spins the tires like nothing lol, but Ive been having some problems keeping it cool. After that is sorted out I think I am going to go to the 16V head, and that should be good for around 300hp with moderate boost, thatll be fun hehe. heres some pics

05:23:00 Thu
Aug 27 2009
Re: VW 2.0 turbo in 68 bug

05:49:56 Fri
Jan 8 2010
Re: VW 2.0 turbo in 68 bug
Put the radiator in the front, it will take care of your cooling problem and increase your cooling volume. Nice work!


00:39:40 Tue
Aug 24 2010
Re: VW 2.0 turbo in 68 bug
you did a good jobwith the swop. i am in the process of putting a 2.0 in my ghia! how did you wire this up? did you use stock harness and computer? is there any info or a diagram that you could send me so i can get this thing running!your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Thomas Sloan
540-319-3293 anytime! asphalt_hustla@yahoo.com

11:15:34 Fri
Sep 30 2016
Re: VW 2.0 turbo in 68 bug
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10:35:14 Tue
Nov 8 2016
Re: VW 2.0 turbo in 68 bug
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VW 2.0 turbo in 68 bug
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