Subaru AWD in Bradley GT2
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03:47:39 Wed
Jul 13 2011
Subaru AWD in Bradley GT2
I just got a 98 Legacy AWD and would like to install the ENTIRE power train in the back of my gt2 {mid engine}. Is there any way to disable the rear driveshaft and just use the 2 half shafts?

00:36:31 Fri
Jul 15 2011
Re: Subaru AWD in Bradley GT2
Sorry to be so blunt but, is there some confusion in my post as to what I am trying to do, or has no one that looked so far have any knowledge about what I want to do? The GT2 is built on a VW Beetle chassis.

15:03:20 Wed
Jul 20 2011
Re: Subaru AWD in Bradley GT2
There was no confusion, but if you'll notice the date stamps on most of the threads there's only been a couple of posts in a couple of months.

As to your question, I'd heard it brougth up a couple of times but the main conclusion was that there were plates to block off the third output of the transaxle, but the drive gear couldn't be reversed like most vehicles, so unless you were running a middle engine configuration, using said transmission in a rear engine conversion would give you a transmission with 5 reverse and 1 foreward.

There was a post recently titled "transmission questions" a couple of threads down... it looks like a company in australia is building gears specifically for this issue, but like everything else in this hobby it isn't cheap.

(P.S. if I didn't have the patience to wait more than two days for a response, I don't think I'd be able to undertake as large of a project as this one.)

03:29:38 Thu
Jul 28 2011
Re: Subaru AWD in Bradley GT2
No lack of patience, there was appox 70 views before I made my second post. I am used to the samba where answers are usually given within hours. Compared to the projects I have completed and my knowledge and training in automotive repair, converting to a mid engine Subaru is a walk in the park.

Thank you for the information.

10:49:29 Tue
Nov 8 2011
Re: Subaru AWD in Bradley GT2
You can fit a reversed ring and pinion to the Subaru transmission so it works correctly with a rear-engine. You can choose to either run it in RWD or 4WD configuration.

05:03:14 Sun
Dec 11 2011
Re: Subaru AWD in Bradley GT2
If I understand your first post correctly you want to install the subaru driveline as a mid-engine. If this is the case you don't have to mess with the ring and pinion at all since the drive shafts will already be spinning the right direction. You will need to remove the center differential from the back of the trans and attach the center concentric shaft to the outer shaft by either welding the two gears together or installing a suba-spool. If you take a look at some of the info @ and look at a couple other picture of a disassembled subaru trans you'll see it is a pretty simple modification to turn an AWD trans into a 2WD. Also do a google search on porsche 914 w/ subaru engine.

10:41:07 Tue
Nov 8 2016
Re: Subaru AWD in Bradley GT2
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Subaru AWD in Bradley GT2
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