Ford 2.3 Turbo Install
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19:10:36 Fri
Apr 23 2004
Ford 2.3 Turbo Install
Anyone installed a 2.3 Turbo into a VW bug or dune buggy, have any tips or info?

02:48:06 Thu
May 26 2005
Re: Ford 2.3 Turbo Install
i put a N/A motor into a baja bug i had a problem with the front tranny mount breaking the first thing i would do is invest in some tranny straps or whatever you call them. i also went through 2 trannys in 3 months and had to replace the stock clutch disc about once a week but that was driving the absolute piss out of the thing

06:05:56 Tue
May 31 2005
Re: Ford 2.3 Turbo Install
I installed a N/A 2.3 in a 72 superbeetle. You definitely
want to put a transaxle strap kit or You will rip the mounts right out of it! Another good idea would be
to install a Kafer cup style truss bar. It will keep the
frame horns from flexing due to weight and torque
of the 2.3. If you need more info, check out my web site

05:17:44 Wed
Oct 24 2007
Re: Ford 2.3 Turbo Install
I have a buggy that my grandfather and I built in 1985. We used the engine (2.3) out of a 1981 Mustang Cobra. Turbo. It was the DRAW THROUGH setup, and was carbureted. The block was junk so we used a Stock PINTO 2.3 block from a 79 model. The wiring is simple on the Non computerized versions (ie: Pre 1984). The engine adapter was bought from Esslinger Engineering, thus we named the buggy "Pinto Beans". The VW trans was from a 68-69 model VW Type 1, not sure the make, I gave $25 for the VW sitting in a field and stripped it in 2 days, (I was only 15 and didnt know better). We also installed a steel Clutch, Tranny Strap (That is a MUST DO!), and a home made skid plate to protect the oil pan. Engine wiring is Basic and Simple. We installed the radiator directly behind the seats, using part of the frame to deliver water to the pump, (Dont lean on my ride or it will burn ya! LOL ) and an electric fan from a 1984 Corvette.

I have a spare Intake / Turbo that will bolt directly onto the EARLIER 2.3's. It will need a Holly/Webber 32/36 Carb or an adapter that you can run a Holley 350 2bbl or even the 500cfm. The 32/36 carbs can be bought rebuilt from Langdons Stovebolt site for around $80 or so. My spare Turbo setup will need new gaskets, looks like you are spraying crops when it kicks in.

The newer Turbo 2.3's are more plentiful, (such as the Mercur XR4TI, Cougar, T-Bird, Mustang SVO). These I am not too familiar with, but you can find all that information you need and the parts catalog at . That includes the earlier Draw Through applications like mine.

I will tell you that ANY 2.3 Conversion with the Turbo is Worth EVERY Penny and Minute spent on it.! I can pull Wheelies in 1st - 2rd gear easily and scratch 3rd. (Thats on a carbed engine). the Turbo on a Carbed 2.3 seems to spool better around the 2500-3000 rpm range and tops out at 5K quick. Valves on a stock head will start to float around 6500 rpm.

To Be totally honest... I had to pull my turbo off due to a bad seal this last summer. :screams: and installed a Stock 2bbl intake. The Engine pulls Better in the lower rpms and seems to have a bit more torque on the bottem end, however, it dosnt pull as good on the top or higher rpms without the turbo. (Turbo Lag )

So depending on your application or need, I think the turbo can either help or hinder. Put the car on a track or freeway... you will want the turbo. Crawling rocks, Off-roading or lots of Stop-n-Go's, you dont want it.

Just my 2 cents. Decide to go with the earlier design, gimmie a holler, I'll help with what I can.


11:16:31 Fri
Sep 30 2016
Re: Ford 2.3 Turbo Install
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10:37:34 Tue
Nov 8 2016
Re: Ford 2.3 Turbo Install
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Ford 2.3 Turbo Install
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