1.8t Mid-Engine 1960 Type 1
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04:32:15 Thu
Aug 28 2008
1.8t Mid-Engine 1960 Type 1

GL Bad Dub thread

02:23:21 Thu
Sep 11 2008
Re: 1.8t Mid-Engine 1960 Type 1
That looks like a nice build. I like the idea of a back seat, but I love the "engine bay" That's cool you could seal it off and have two trunks. :smile:

05:01:27 Sat
Sep 13 2008
Re: 1.8t Mid-Engine 1960 Type 1
great job i saw your other web page and i need to know what material did you use, there is big argument between copper or aluminum for water lines and who did the job of bending the pipes

07:09:50 Sun
Jun 14 2009
Re: 1.8t Mid-Engine 1960 Type 1
Finally got a proper intercooler in her...



07:15:09 Sun
Jun 14 2009
Re: 1.8t Mid-Engine 1960 Type 1

19:47:59 Sun
Oct 4 2009
Re: 1.8t Mid-Engine 1960 Type 1
Have you worked out a way to shift it yet?

06:22:25 Fri
Jan 8 2010
Re: 1.8t Mid-Engine 1960 Type 1
I worked out shifting before I even started the build, just used a Porsche Boxter shifter and cables then built an adapter to the VW tranny. I'm still using the one I cobbled up years ago, but I'll make it pretty and light sometime in the future.


10:34:42 Tue
Nov 8 2016
Re: 1.8t Mid-Engine 1960 Type 1
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1.8t Mid-Engine 1960 Type 1
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