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Volks-Swap :: For Sale :: 1970 Volkswagen Beetle w/ 1.8L Water-Cooled VW Engine $1250

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17:24:59 Thu
Mar 25 2010

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1970 Volkswagen Beetle w/ 1.8L Water-Cooled VW Engine $1250

Time to sell my nearly-complete project, '70 bug w/ a Bosch Digifant fuel-injected 1.8 liter straight four cylinder VW watercooled engine. link, with photos, etc:

New floor pans in the '70 chassis, '72 body has had the structural rust patched. CNC dual-handle cutting brakes installed, as well as normal '70 bug drums/system all around. Interior heater- IH bread truck heater box w/ electric fan, nice n' toasty. Front seats are from '91 jetta, gray upholstery. Mix n' match fenders/hood colors from the best of my parts pile, a little hammer n' dolly work to be done prior to prep/paint. chassis wiring is stock '70. cracked windshield, needs a dash pad, too. No back seat. Chassis has 73016 miles on it

1991 Volkswagen Jetta engine (1.8 liter, water-cooled) w/ stock fuel injection setup installed, new exhaust. Engine is mated to a 'freeway flyer' transaxle w/ the 3.88 r/p ratio for better economy and today's highway speeds, using a Kennedy Engineered Products (KEP) adapter. Coolant lines under chassis are square-stock steel tube leading to a front-mounted new VW scirocco radiator & electric fan. Engine has 96500 miles on it, and is about due for a valve stem seal replacement (typical, age-related, they dry up a bit and allow oil to seep by while the engine sits).

Sit down, turn key, drive away, nice and simple. Since installing the engine, I have put 16 miles on the car, and assure that it steers, starts, stops ok, and the motor pulls substantially stronger than a stock single-port 1600, which would have been in this particular car.

Need a second VW Bug, how about my '69 stock bug, un-molested and ready for prep/paint work? Again, $1250 and you can drive it away, too, although the tires are weather-checked. How about two running bugs (the '70 and the '69) for $2200?

Thanks for your time,
Brian A.
(208) six 69-1869


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