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Volks-Swap :: For Sale :: FS: 1970 Beetle w/EJ20 NA

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03:43:29 Fri
Apr 8 2011

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FS: 1970 Beetle w/EJ20 NA

The car is located in Portland, OR.

I have for sale a volkswagen beetle project car with a NA 2.0L EJ20 Subaru engine running MegaSquirt fuel injection. The engine is from a 1990-94 Japanese Legacy. I've put about 18000 miles on the conversion with out any conversion related issues. This car would be perfect as a baja bug. The drums have been re-drilled to accept 5x100 bolt pattern wheels. I had some 17in rims on it at one time until I ran out of tire and switched back to the stock wheels.

The conversion uses a Hecker Machine Works adapter kit onto the original VW transmission with a IMI high torque gear reduction starter.

The interior is for the most part stripped. It does have sound dampening material applied throughout. I have an ok set of carpet for it as well. I replaced the stock seats with Chrysler Conquest bucket seats.

I will consider parting out the engine and body components. Serious inquiries only please.
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05:33:44 Fri
Apr 8 2011

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Re: FS: 1970 Beetle w/EJ20 NA


I am interested in your Subaru EJ20 Powered VW.

I also wanted to inquire if you might be consider some sort of trade arrangement for my "All Original" 1983 Subaru BRAT which is also the very first factory built Turbo Charged BRAT?

For all of the details and a few images, please view my new ad at Craig's List (Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley) at the URL of:

In addition, you can e-mail me for more information.

Thank you in advance for the courtesy of your anticipated reply.


Don Cordier

Don Cordier Aviation
Van Nuys airport
Van Nuys, California USA
TEL: 818-400-2848

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