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08:03:06 Fri
Nov 30 2018


CANBERRA Kevin White Jersey , March 31 (Xinhua) -- The majority of Australian women are taking their husband's surnames at marriage, despite constant debate about whether or not the tradition is sexist, researchers from Adelaide's Flinders University said on Thursday.

Head of women's studies at Flinders University Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes, who has been researching the topic for several years, said while debate about keeping a woman's maiden name in marriage has been "in vogue" in recent times Cody Whitehair Jersey , more than 80 percent of Australian women are still choosing to take their husband's last name.

She said the tradition dates back hundreds of years, to a time when women were considered as property, hence the recent discussions over whether or not women should take their man's surname at marriage.

"It has a very long history and it has to do with inheritance and property and dating back to when women were property or as good as, and you are actually taken into the husband's family and therefore you take his name," Corcoran-Nantes told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Thursday.

"People don't get too fussed when women take a man's surname on at marriage Leonard Floyd Jersey , which over 80 percent of women still do, but get quite uppity if a woman doesn't want to take a man's name on," she said.

Despite most married women in Australia were happy to take their husband's name, Corcoran-Nantes said it was almost unheard of for men to take their wife's surname.

She added that more than 90 percent of all children are given their father's surname at birth.

"Men's Health did a survey and what was quite surprising (was) over 96 percent of the men who answered that poll, wouldn't change their name to the woman's Eddie Jackson Jersey , even if she asked him to do so," Corcoran-Nantes said.

A recently exposed online underground market in bank card data enables buyers to obtain the personal information of some 1,000 card owners within five minutes, media reported Sunday.

Detailed bank card information including the owner's name, card number Tarik Cohen Jersey , password, cell phone number and ID card number can be bought on the market, a self-proclaimed whistle-blower surnamed Xu told China Central Television (CCTV). Of the information Xu provided for 70 bank cards, data linked to only five was later verified to be incorrect.

Following up on Xu's reports, CCTV revealed an online black market in bank card data involving a gang responsible for collecting card information Adam Shaheen Jersey , trading the information and transferring money from the compromised accounts.

According to the CCTV report, the information collectors would send bank card users text messages with links to phishing sites, would set up free Wi-Fi signals, or would use converted point-of-sale (POS) machines to hack or steal users' information.

Those who illegally transferred victims' money to buyers would infect victims' cell phones with viruses or disrupt their cell phones' signals in order to intercept the victims' verification codes, which are sent by bank companies to perform operations such as money transfers or password changes Mitchell Trubisky Jersey , the CCTV investigation found. Those who completed the illegal transfers could receive commission of 30 to 50 percent.

Pei Zhiyong, an anti-fraud expert at Qihoo 360 Technology Company, told CCTV that the company could detect 5,000 to 8,000 phishing sites every day that could receive a total of over 100 million clicks in half a day.

Good and bad points involving Outsourcing

Firms at present often want to hire or perhaps contract out workforce from external offshoring companies. The definition of outsourcing techniques refers to the process of letting staff members using their company organizations. The workers is usually used momentarily Anthony Miller Jersey , as well as they might be outsourcing often based on the project. Throughout the last decade, it was more present with use whole businesses or even the so-called dedicated competitors pertaining to finding the products and services involving international workers. This company train may be useful to the company; but it really might be a fantastic issue with other folks. Staff members outsourcing tools most likely hides from view a lot of sales and this can be acquired by means of employing expert employees. The business enterprise commonly workers extremely competent and also qualified personnel when needed and also who stop working to the outsourcer after the particular project. However this business lacks to spend almost any an extension cord and funds about changing your know-how plus training of your existing team. As well the current staff will be progressively kept on a sidelines, and may even be disposed of eventually. Typically, the present staff lessen competitive when compared to the staff foreign and in some cases shed their jobs. The dog pros tend to be especially interested in the problem along with anticipate a large number of Us given young men and females will still only come to be not working because the intense use of their ocean going challengers.

A different matter, dealing with benefits and drawbacks associated with freelancing James Daniels Jersey , is the fact the companies getting staff offshore arenít required to pay back any type of government or perhaps condition taxation for these particular staff members. Your outsourcing businesses manage it on their own. It is deemed an necessary advantage for your businesses, hoping to decrease the working prices. Additionally, an outsourcing employees do not obtain benefits or perhaps compensations. This sort of cost-reduction strategies are fantastic for any organization, wishing to realize success. Conversely, a taxes organizations are rarely getting the required taxes they will be obtaining Roquan Smith Jersey , meaning specified offices regarding nationís health will suffer with the loss in means.

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