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03:19:23 Thu
Aug 16 2018


SHANGHAI , April 11 (Xinhua) -- A man in Shanghai has been arrested for fabricating a story about deadly gun battle in the city, local police said on Saturday.

After spotting police officers outside of an entertainment venue, Zhao started a rumor that a gun battle had left nine people dead.

According to the police, Zhao texted the false information to many people and caused a public panic. The rumor was widely shared on social media.

ATHENS, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Greek government sent on Tuesday the list of proposed economic reforms for approval by the Eurogroup Cheap New Balance 574 Sale , Greek news agency AMNA reported.

The catalogue of reforms was expected to clear the way for the ratification by national assemblies of last week's deal on the four-month extension to the four-year bailout until a final deal with the new government on the debt crisis is reached.

The reform list was a prerequisite for the review scheduled for April under Friday's deal, so that Athens could count on more financial aid to keep afloat until renegotiating a further debt load relief in the summer.

According to unconfirmed media reports, the anti-bailout Left-led administration of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has proposed policies to combat corruption, smuggling and tax evasion, and to create a fair taxation system.

In addition Cheap New Balance 574 Shoes , in the list of measures signed by Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and sent after Monday's deadline set by creditors, the government was said to have promised reforms to reduce bureaucracy and stimulate real economy.

Athens appeared to stick to pre-election promises of giving some breathing space to debt-laden households and enterprises by offering a settlement for overdue debts and moving forward with measures to face the humanitarian crisis.

Several of these measures were not mentioned in Friday's text, triggering gradual reactions by prominent Radical Left SYRIZA party members who saw "too many concessions" and a "failure" to fulfill fundamental promises made to Greek voters a month ago.

A cabinet meeting would be held Tuesday and a SYRIZA parliamentary group gathering and meetings of party bodies were scheduled for the coming hours and days.

The government responded that protesting party members "were not well informed" on the terms of the deal. Tsipras was expected to provide clarification during party meetings.

Member of the European Parliament, Manolis Glezos, a 92-year-old veteran Leftist who is considered as a national hero for ripping a Nazi flag from the Acropolis hill during World War II Cheap New Balance 574 , asked the Greek people for "forgiveness for participating in the creation of an illusion."

At least other four SYRIZA party deputies have publicly criticized the deal, while famous Greek music composer Mikis Theodorakis, another prominent figure in the Greek Left, also expressed objections.


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Greece exits bailout, austerity with euro group deal New Balance 597 Grey Teal , more difficulties ahead: PM

ATHENS, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- Greece exits the painful four-year bailout program and austerity after the deal clinched with euro zone creditors on Friday, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Saturday.

He warned, however, Greek people that despite the achievement of the extension of the international lifeline for four more months in return of reforms Cheap New Balance 597 Blue Grey Shoes , more difficulties awaited Greece ahead in efforts to overcome the debt crisis.

Folks who have gone out there and ordered a new coffee machine on value only and thought the more expensive the price the better the machine could well be, this isn’t the truth, there are plenty of systems available which are excellent and the price level isn’t astronomical. Ask yourself plenty of questions exactly where will the machine end up being permanently placed, how many people will be employing it, along with just how much room exists for your machine. What kind of machine do you have currently?

Transportable coffeemakers are very versatile allowing you to switch it all round the kitchen and that makes it good when you’ve got company or maybe you reorganize your kitchen area Cheap New Balance 574 Swarovski Black Gold Shoes , be sure there is an wall socket where you’re relocating it. Quite a few contemporary kitchens have every amenity under the rainbow; they’ve got the dual ovens, the professional cook tops, refrigerators and microwaves it would foolish to believe that all these contemporary kitchens may not possess an automatic coffeemaker. Most modern kitchens these days have professional coffee system already a part of the countertop plus they have water piped to them.

You’ll find generally 3 types of coffee makers to think about: manual, semi automatic and totally automatic. A lot of today’s coffeemakers have grinders already a part of the machine , there are some that have a built in computer system that help to make all any task automatic Cheap Kid's New Balance 574 Outdoor Pack Mint Orange Shoes , your java may be good to go each morning it can re-warm ones coffee, make a single or even many cups at any given time. You will find lots of coffee machines available these days, hence whatever coffee tastes you might have there is an automatic coffee machine which meets your life style.

There are a few basic features to take into consideration when deciding on a coffee machine as well as some high class functions which may give you an improved tasting cup of coffee. It is possible to brew a pot at a time, rather then simply a cup or 2. That very first cup sets the mood for your whole day. Once you visit the convenience shop or at a local coffee shop for your early morning cup of coffee have you ever considered exactly how your cup of coffee came into being? Once you want to have it, plenty of time really should be set aside in order to make a great cup of brewed coffee.

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