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08:01:10 Fri
Nov 30 2018


ATHENS, Jan. 1 (Xinhua) -- Athens on Saturday night welcomed the New Year with a party at the foothill of the Acropolis hill, wishing that in 2017 the country will overcome the seven-year debt crisis and tackle the refugee crisis.

Braving the cold, hundreds of people sang and danced for hours to the rhythm of music played by bands and artists who performed on the stage set up at the pedestrian walkway facing the Acropolis.

A few minutes before midnight, Athens Mayor Yorgos Kaminis gave the traditional countdown, which was followed by a fireworks show wishing a better future to Athenians, Greeks, foreigners living in Greece and the entire world.

"Difficulties are not over, but we stand with optimism. United we will make it. We need each other. We are united for Athens, for our country, our future, our children. Happy New Year with peace, solidarity and optimism," the mayor said in his speech.

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