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22:32:57 Sun
Jan 30 2005

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handling change?

I was curious when you guys use a radiator up front in a bug and like Zenjoe scoop air to feed does the handling change at all?

I was just thinking that you really what to to have as little air flow under a bug as possible, for good handling. but with a radiator up front and the nessicity of air wouldn't you be hurting the handling as the air is building under the front of the bug?

is there a way to get rid of the expelled air with out hurting the flow through the radiator? like a shroud behind it to send the air where ever you wanted, or because of the lack of room you'd be force to use a steep backing thus causing too much back pressure?

I guess the frist question should be how fast do you guys feel comfortable driving the bug with the radiator up front, and how different is it compared to before the radiator?


Rip H. Van Winkle
"The Sleeper"

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