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16:38:41 Sat
Apr 22 2006

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Which Water-Cooler&Fan / Air flow with long Hood

Hello, what for a Radiator (Water Cooler) can I use for a 57 Oval and where/how should I make the holes for the air flow to the Cooler? What´s that for a cooling system (Radiator&Fan) at the top of the Site (Photo) Does it fit to my 57 Bug? When Yes, where can I buy it?

Thank for your help ; )

Ps.: I want to put a 2.2L Subaru EJ22 Engine in the Oval Bug..

00:49:46 Fri
Apr 28 2006

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Almost Serious

Re: Which Water-Cooler&Fan / Air flow with long Hood

I also have a 1957 Oval that has a Subaru 2.5 325HP engine in it. The early Bugs are all alike and will require a narrower radiator then what could be used in the 1968 and later bugs. I use a custom built radiator in both my 66, & 57 bugs built to my specs. When you have your radiator made you can order it with the water inlets and outlets made to your specifications. Your need to measure the width and height to determine what size you think your need. Mine are built to be about 19” wide, and 14” high, made of aluminum and double row cooling tubes. Basically the radiators should easily cool up to 400HP with adequate air flow. I currently use one single cooling fan placed behind the radiator as a pulling fan. If need be another cooling fan could always be added in front of the radiator for additional cooling.

See my earlier post on this subject.


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