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03:12:55 Sat
Apr 5 2003

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Radiator Air Flow

Any ideas on how big the total area of the openings infront and behind the radiator need to be at a minimum??? I have cut a area for mine in my Ghia. It looks small. I wil have an electric fan to help pull air in and push through the rad. Also I am planning to put the oil cooler in the rear package tray area with a cooling fan for it also. Good?? Bad??

02:59:51 Thu
Apr 10 2003

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Re: Radiator Air Flow

The kennedy catalog tells you how much of an openening you need. I don't remeber what that is though. Mine is about the width of the spare tire tray (25" ???) and is about 4 inches tall. It cools good but because my car is lowered, the scoop that I am using doesn't like big bumps (hits the ground). I would strongly suggest making your scoop flexible so that WHEN you hit something, you won't detroy the front of the car (learned that the hard way!)

As for the oil cooler, I have mine mounted on the passenger side right behind the battery tray, below the torsion housing, sitting flush with the bottom of the pan. This place gets excellent airflow and keeps the temps down. I would reccommend AGAINST putting a cooler on top of the tranny, there is no airflow there even with a fan. By the way, I have been running this setup for close to 30,000 miles without a cooling problem and for half of those miles, I was running around not realizing that my oil cooler fan wasn't hooked up!

02:47:57 Tue
Jul 27 2004

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Almost Serious

Re: Radiator Air Flow

Where you are mounting a radiator square on (in both the vertical and horizontal planes) to the airflow, with no restrictions (such as an air conditioning condensor/transmission coolers, etc) then a rough and ready way to determine the minimum required radiator core surface area is to to take the engine size in cubic inches and add 50. So if you had a 2 litre motor then you'd require a radiator with a core surface area of at least 122 + 50 = 172 square inches or 1110 square centimeters as a minimum.

Another rough rule of thumb for calculating the minimum required grill opening is to take the area of the radiator core less that off the fins and tubes. This equates to about 1/3 the surface area of the core. So for the above radiator you'd need an opening of at least 370 square centimeters.
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