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09:13:45 Thu
Feb 8 2007

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What to do with ALL these lines?

I am putting a mild performance Toyota 22-R engine in a 65 Baja (on 55 pan). I am pretty squared away with an RX-7 Radiator going up front, and if it was just those coolant lines, I'd be ok. But I am doing this conversion for the 'water' heater unit, and A/C unit as much as the reliable power. So far I've read that putting the coolant lines under the car is better than in the tunnel.

My first concern, is that if I put them under the car, they could be damaged off-roading. I suppose, if I tuck it under the running board, but I don't have running boards. Just rock bars. That might be pretty safe. Still nervous about that, and yes I get rough and daring, yet it's got a lift on it.

If I do that, I also need to know if I have to run 2 additional lines from the engine for the heater unit, or could I tap into the radiator lines up front? I'm not sure if I did that, I would have sufficient flow into the unit.

Then I still need 2 a/c coolant lines run up front to the evaporator. Or to the condensor. And if I should mount the condensor in front of the radiator, or put it somewhere in the rear.

Any ideas?
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