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01:48:18 Sun
Feb 26 2012

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cooling problems.

HEY EVERYONE im having cooling problems.

i ran my coolant lines to the front of my car just like everyone else but i have a 160 thermastat in it. but it wants to climb to 210 easily so i noticed that the water in the radiator is ice cold. an one of the lines is extremly hot,. but the other is ice cold.

now i swapped the lines to see if my flow was wrong and it had the same out come.

so i took the therm completely out an ran it. it has the stock water pump on my 12a rotary.:shocked:

do i need to run an electric water pump to.

01:50:24 Wed
Jun 6 2012

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Re: cooling problems.

Bit late on this one... Hope you aren't stuck on the side of the road?

It really just sounds like "air pockets" in the system. I'll bet your radiator is lower than the engine? duh.. I ran into the same weird cooling situation (I've been air cooled most my life) in my roto-bug. There would be hot and cold spots and drive the temps crazy.. Cold spots indicated the lack of water flow, at least in mine.

I cured it when I placed 2 "air bleeds" (basically radiator petcocks) on the highest part of the cooling lines. Which happened to be in the back. But I had bleeds front and back.

When I first filled the system with water I needed to go through a process of "bleeding" the air out. Impossible to do with a completely sealed system. I would run the engine and then "crack the rear" (that's obscene!) petcock open. Air rushed out like a wild monkey. I knew I was on to something

The water will have no trouble taking the roller coaster as long as its "all water and no air".. air will stop it in its tracks. Like siphoning any liquid. Leaving the hot and cold water stationary. Traditional water cooled cars have a high-point at the top of the radiator with the benefit of the engine next to and at a lower level.. Regular cars just don't run into this situation. I'm not sure how mid-engine cars handle this for the buying public.. Some of those radiators are on the "down low". Maybe there is some auto-burp-valve, a ABV? I'll check JC Whitney.. Sigh...

After bleeding I would then drive it a few miles.. then get out while the eng is running and crack both valves, one at a time until all the air was gone.. More air would bleed out. Then I was good to go... You can get into some strange situations with a "water cooled" air "cooled" car.. Like when she starts to blow off steam.. I've had to convince people not to call the fire dept on more than one occasion.. Ok, maybe once.

If you can keep a tight system, it will stay like this for a long time.. Its only when you open the system again, like removing a hose.. you'll need to repeat the process. My main water fill was at the top most point in the system, which I guess is a no brainer..

I really learned about "water pumper theory" fast! Once I discovered the secret world of water cooling, I was good to go! In fact the letter "A" in VWofA actually stands for agua.

I'll be using this technique on my current project.. At least I'm assuming it will work again :smile: Speaking of "electric pumps". I use to just discount these things.. I mean how can a electric anything compete with engine driven? But I found some serious "external" pumps out there that look like they would not only meet but beat the performance of the OEM pumps. The info describes using them alone or in line with the factory pumps. I really want to look into this some more... And these things pump at the same rate not matter the engine rpm.

Anyway, I hope the "bleeding info" can help somebody.. as it eluded me for some amount of time as I wrestled with the science of "water pumpers".. BTW, surprisingly they are really not as scary as I had first thought.. Not to mention that it makes for a much quieter motor. H2O is a great sound deadener! It's better than a boat load of Xpensive sound deadening material.

Randy, Long Beach, Ca. USA!
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