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06:57:17 Wed
Jun 13 2012

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THE LAB: [Unconventional] cooling ideas and solutions.

Cooling a 3.3L with a invisible radiator? A unconventional idea.

For quite a while I've been banging my head to come up with a way that I can run a radiator in my 56' sedan with no outward signs that it's even there (full sleeper style).. And yet cool the engine reliably and under all conditions...Like a "LA to Vegas" trip!

One idea I have is to mount the radiator in the bug's package tray area behind the rear seat. Basically sitting it upright next to the firewall. I've seen radiators mounted like this but with different air intake locations.

The radiator will be receiving all of its air from below the pan floor. That is, "underneath the car". I would remove the right battery tray area and the driver's side area. The bug pan actually forms a smaller, inverted scoop from the factory.. Basically you have a readymade duct if you just wanted to open up it up and go.

However I can see doing something a bit more custom than just a leaving a hole in the floor... The opening would be rubber lipped and I think that some form of protection from objects would be needed. Much like the grating on room fan.

The air would pass through a false rear seat bottom (hollow fiberglass etc) and into the rear package tray area, which would be sealed. It would then pass through the radiator (fan equipped for speeds under 35) and out the factory engine louvers (note: the heat is always moving up - very cool). It's also important that the ducting system be closed to outside air. Otherwise I won't have differential air pressure on my side.

What makes me think this system will flow?

The bottom of the car will see ambient to slightly above ambient air pressures (due to air being forced into a confined space (under the car) from the front.

The pressure measurement at the roof lovers will be lower than ambient air pressure due to the curvature of the rear body + air flow (speeds over 30).

To get air to flow, you need higher air pressure at the intake and lower air pressure in the exhaust. This is what moves air. Simply put, Highs and Lows

Another benefit I can see is that HOT AIR RISES.. Cool air will be sucked upward and will naturally rise as it picks up heat. The air will travel out lovers where it is finally drawn to the lower pressure area.

There is a reverse mod. Where two smaller radiators are positioned on the rear floor on each side of the tunnel, Replacing the one larger firewall radiator. Everything else is the same. I do like this mod because it lowers the center of gravity.. One down side is that more floor space it consumed and the radiator is once again lower than the engine.

I did say UNCONVENTIAL 8o)

Anyway, this was the least nutty idea I had on the subject. It's just downhill from here. I will post more crazy ideas I have on engine swap cooling theory. But they are really going to start sounding "out there". But that's ok, This is what this thread is about! ;8oP

I'm not a professional car builder but I do play one on TV..
Randy, Long Beach, Ca, USA!


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