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03:29:07 Wed
Dec 31 2008

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Clutch for EJ22 swap

Still gathering parts for my EJ22 swap into a 1972 Super Beetle and am looking for suggestions on a clutch setup. I am considering a Kennedy setp but am not sure which stage (I, II, or III) pressure plate to get and am also unsure on which clutch will be appropriate. The car will be mainly for spirited street driving with a more than occasional trip to the drag strip. Thanks in advance!

23:48:40 Tue
Jan 6 2009

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Re: Clutch for EJ22 swap

Here is what somebody had recently sent me from RJES.

My question: Hey, I am putting an EJ22 into a sandrail. My question is: What do I need to use for clutches when mating that engine up with either a beetle IRS or bus transmission (what modifications are needed, bell housing, clutch, etc)

Thanks, Ryan.

The reply:

"Hello Ryan,
If you use a beetle box, your only chioce is to use an adaptor plate. These usually use the 200mm Beetle clutch so you have the choice of all the Kennedy uprated VW clutch pressure plates too. Some adaptor plates (particularly thse from DS Tuning in Germany) nseem to use the 215mm VW clutch parts, thich makes no sense at all to me, as there are no uprated clutches available in that size.
If you use a bus box (002, 091 or 094), then you have all the above chioces if you use an adaptor plate. If you use one of my conversion bell housings, then you have the choice of amy Subaru clutch, up to and including the 240mm pull to release clutch is ised in all STi's from 2002 onwards, and you also have all the aftermarket Subaru clutches to choose from, which are available to suit hundreds of bhp. Which clutch you need depends on many things, such as whether you are using a ruebo engine, how hard a life the clitch will get, what power your engine has, etc. I hope that helps,

Richard Jones,
R J Engineered Solutions,
Tel +44 (0)1538 752243
Mobile +44 (0)7761 788669"
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19:50:45 Sun
Apr 26 2009

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Re: Clutch for EJ22 swap

I went to this page called www.aircooled.net and they seemed to know what they were talking about.

They have a clutch "The Copperhead". I put it in mine with a Kennedy Stage II pressure plate.


I'm close to getting her on the road. So, check back in a week or two and I'll be able to tell you how it feels.


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