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05:18:19 Sun
Aug 23 2009

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Suby in a vw based kit car,... need some help!

Hello all,
I have been a member here for years, but have only recently started cruzin the forums again, due to my recent project.

Im about to start an adventure on a Sterling kit car.
I have landed a steal on getting a 1991 legacy wagon for 60 dollars. And yes its a fully driveable and running car. It does have a head gasket problem as it over heats after 20 miles or so. But that's no problem to fix.

So here goes.

Im planning on using the 2.2 liter EJ22E motor in the suby, and a manual trans from a legacy.
It will be mounted in a mid engine set up. However, I need to know how to adapt the axles to the IRS bug pan.
Ive been told I can go with monster brakes 4 wheel disks, by using a Porsche 930 setup.
I also am working out how to mount the suby setup hopefully off of the trans horns if I don't have to cut them out.

Id like to make the setup modular so I can remove the entire setup as a unit should I need to. And make a single large connector in the engine bay for easy disconnects.

Then how to hook up the rad. Whats the smallest radiator I can get away with? Do I need an oil cooler?

How can I get more power out of the suby for as little as possible? Without going the expensive turbo route?

What exhaust sounds the best? Im looking for a nice quiet tuned sound something that would compliment the exotic lines of the car. not snappy and poppy, or the typical coke can muffler often seen on imports.

Lastly how to wire this thing in as easily and cheaply as possible.
Im looking for daily driver reliability, not a weekend car.

Any help here would of immense help.


16:39:03 Sat
Sep 19 2009

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Re: Suby in a vw based kit car,... need some help!

I may be of some help, not much, but......
The radiator; don't have room for the oem suby? try a four core radiator from a s-10 truck or blazer.
adaptor; try mooreparts.com, they're pricey, but the flywheel is not a typical flywheel, it's cupped.
Wiring; i'd use a bulk-head connector from a chevy.
Power boost; the only thing i'm aware of (aside from twin turbos) would be more cubic inches. you alraedy have multiport F.I., a gigher lift cam could defeat the purpose of the valve notches in the piston.
Exhaust; i'm using the factory exaust, however, i did spin the pipes 180 deg ( swap sides with the pipes )
as far as the classy sound, i like a Turbo muffler, of a high flow muffler, it sounds deeper, still quiet enough to not be annoying. Mike.


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