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21:07:21 Tue
Dec 28 2010

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fuel supply problem

Installed a Subaru 2.2 (from a 91 Legacy) in my 86 VW Syncro Westy. Ran great for 3 years, then few days ago engine began cutting out sporadically under a load (all gears). Took it to a Subaru mechanic, they ran a check, diagnosed the problem as a faulty air flow meter. After replacing it, the engine (under a load) performed well for a few minutes, then the problem re-emerged, albeit with lesser frequency. Car runs great for several miles at all speeds, then the cutting out re-appears. Mechanic still insists the prob. was with the air flow meter, and has no idea why problem persists. Can any of you offer any insights? Ideas? Suggestions? I put a new fuel pump in about 3 years ago.

17:06:03 Tue
Dec 6 2011

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Almost Serious

Re: fuel supply problem

ign switch--I am having the same problem [90 gl -90 2.2] I was switching pumps to reduce the fluttering and now it cuts out and resumes or if it happens on the highway and persists, I turn off the ign and on again and it runs again. sporadic stuff-- the igniter could be going out too. I don't know


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