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09:18:30 Wed
Jun 8 2011

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I have access to a really cheap EJ22T
off a 93 Legacy turbo. But this engine was from an automatic and its missing fuel injectors and ECU
should I get it it's fairly cheap $500 to be exact. Please let me know about the transmission dilemma thank you everyone!:pirate:

19:58:16 Thu
Jul 21 2011

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I'd say no... and here's why.

This conversion is not cheap, and I wouldn't recommend anyone jump into it just because they saved a couple of hundred bucks on an engine.

That being said, I wouldn't recommend doing a relatively expensive conversion to install an 18 year old engine.

After you buy the rails you'll probably have spent 700 bucks on the engine.

To put it into perspective, I got a 2003 Forester EJ25 for 950 delivered. (on ebay, buy it now or best offer.. they took my offer of $900 +$50 for shipping)

Add a clutch, adaptor kit, fuel pump, radiator, fan, and an ECU and you're easily talking another $3K...

On top of that, your transmission becomes a ticking time-bomb and it would be wiseto upgrade your brakes... $2500 on transmission mods and disk brake upgrades.

Now let's talk suspension and wheel hop, add another couple hundred for beefier rear suspension, HD urethane bushings, and a kafer brace. (old, rusty torsion bar mounting plates become touchy at about 150 ft*lb, so add more if you want to purchase those, too)

Now, you have to tune... which means you either hook up all of the factory sensors and try to run a stock ECU, or you get an aftermarket ECU that needs to be tuned... in order to tune it you need a wide-band 02 sensor... another $200. (Or drop about 1K to have it dyno tuned)

I've been working on mine for almost 5 years, I'm into my project for around $10K and I haven't even driven her yet.

Now, $250 savings on an engine that's ten years older and has clearly been scavanged already... doesn't sound too great.


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