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02:15:05 Sun
Apr 19 2015

WIll a bad VSS simulator do this

All was working as hoped and expected then the first drive. Let the car warm up to operating temp. Everything was normal. Drove one block. Didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary. The next start up the following day started experiencing the weird stuff. The first thing noted was that the fan kicked on and the idle jumped up really high very early during initial warm up. This only last a minute or so, before the fan turned off and the idle dropped back down. I let the car continue to run and was paying close attention because this was so odd and different. When the temp reach about 160 the idle jumped way up but the fan didn't kick on this time. After a minute the idle dropped down again. Now I was really wondering what the hell was up. Sat there watching the temp and waiting. Temp gauge finally hit 190, no fan but idle jumps way up and stays there. Waiting, watching, still idling really high best guess 900-1000 RPM's. Temp gauge gets to 200 where the fan normally kicks in, but no fan, still idling really high. I wait 205, no fan, fast idle. 210 no fan, so I shut it down. That's not it, now it wont start. WTF!!!!!!

Reset. Unhook the battery and unplug the computer. Wait a few days. Same shit.

New tactic, reset the computer. Test different ground wires. Note a wire that I labeled ground for AT transmission codes. Unusual things that occur with this ground are; during normal idle causes car to idle very low, approx 400 RPM. During high idle causes car to idle down to almost a normal idle, but can tell it is a touch high. Try the same with wire labeled ground for neutral switch codes. Note the car this came out of was a manual. Needless to say, no of the trails above solve the issue, it still idles fast when temp reaches 190+ and the fan doesn't kick in??????? Wont start if shut down during the fast idle, and smells of gas.

So I play with the grounds and turn off the car before it hits the high idle points. I let the fan cycle before start up and start the car at a point where the temp gauge is at 190 and I get the fan to cycle on and off as it should when and where it should. WOW, what a pain in the ass. Let the car idle and run. Fan continues to perform as expected. On at 200 and back off once temp drops to 190. Idles smooth as butter. No jumps in idle, and fan cycles as normal.

Take the car for a short run up the block. Notice temp gauge creeping above 205. Turn and scat home, coast down the hill into the driveway, WTF!!! high idle and fan not kicking on. Temp at 205+. Back at the same high idle and fan not working.

Any thoughts???? I think it is the VSS and not the ground wires.


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