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23:25:01 Fri
Aug 3 2007

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cheap super beetle upgrade

I upgraded my 72 super once with a pair of honda civic strut springs. the honda springs are about 1 inch smaller in diameter then the stock sb ones for added clearance on wider wheels. Honda springs are slightly stiffer than stock ones if you want a stiffer ride or have added weight up front. They will also lower the ride height about1.5 inches depending on how old your stock springs are. Here's how to install them.

Source a pair of rear springs from any 88-95 honda civic or crx. Remove your struts from the car and then the springs from the struts. I used a 22mm oxygen sensor socket on the nut in order to get to the 8mm allen hole in the insert rod you could also use an offset box wrench(be sure to use a spring compressor to remove the springs because they are under lots of pressure and can cause severe injury if removed without one). Next take the honda spring and place it in the strut with the small coil side down it should fit like it belongs there then replace all the top end coponets.This upgrade took about 3 hours and cost a total of $28 ($20 for the springs which I removed myself at a wrecking yard and 8 for the socket) if you dont have a spring compressor most auto part stores carry decent ones for around $20.


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