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06:35:48 Sat
May 14 2011

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4.6L NorthStar V8 DOHC???

Kennedy makes a adapter kit. and I found a engine for $150 needing a new head gasket.

I want to do rear engine. if the rotation is wrong can I just swap sides with the ring gear?

03:11:10 Tue
Nov 1 2011

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Almost Serious

Re: 4.6L NorthStar V8 DOHC???

the bus transaxle is only durable to 180 hp.
the engine will be the cheap part of this, because you will need a mendeola trannsaxle to handle that kind of power. they start at 8k, priced similar to harleys.
the oe trans puts it sideways in the back seat. a corvair guy did one like this, and it looks like a train wreck back there..
youth causes a guy to fall in love easily with a powerplant, but it's a lot of work to make it work. with experience, you are more selective in the battles you choose.
initial equipment choices make or break a project.
hanging a v8 off the back of a beetle is bad, unless you lengthen the wheel base and build a sandcar type subframe. for 4k you could hang a suby and have plenty of engine for an 1800 lb car.


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