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20:16:51 Tue
Jan 1 2013

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6 Cylinder Subie in a Superbeetle

Hello everyone;
Wow, just what the doctor ordered. I have a 1973 Super Beetle. I have been back and forth with the choice of engines. Until now, my choice was the type IV, 3 liter. The problem with taking to long with your build, there may come a better mouse trap. Namely the SVX Subie. I bought a bar bone long block from a seller. It looks very much like it could go in. Now I know it can, from what I have read, the SVX can make some real power. John Edward of costa mesa r&d says this engine can make 700 to 1000 horse power. I see where someone has used a G50, very good combo, howeve I like automatic. So when I start, I will be using a Subie 5 speed auto with a reverse engineered ring and pinion. Thanks for this sight, wonderful:jump:

18:52:18 Sun
Jan 27 2013

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Almost Serious

Re: 6 Cylinder Subie in a Superbeetle

Hey! Sirvee

I like the way you think :o)

The Subee six you seek is one of the newer EZ engines (much shorter, by inches! Can't remember). And has even has more stock power than the EG33. It would have made my install (well, not installed yet :) much easier.

I'm using EG33's because I had already bought two used ones.. and was already on my way to stuffing them in. Also, at the time the newer ones were cost prohibited.

You've got it made with the Super beetle. That spare tire tub in the front (strut suspension) makes a fantastic location for a radiator (at about 45' tilt). And you can run the cooling tubes straight down the tunnel. Ask me how I know. (this is another build) but I needed to add a small ~3" air dam (lip) to coax the air up and in. One drawback was I was super heating my fuel :(easily fixed). A super beetle is a great body style for a front mounted cooling system. Now I think of it.. there is more room in the back for the engine exhaust due to that bulge on the rear skirt..

I still like the idea of a "automatic".. it was on my "got to have list".... I hear they can take some abuse because I know they get used in some drag racing situations. It may be that I didn't go that way because I'm a "shifter" from way back and I also was looking for certain performance gearing. But a auto? I still like that idea a lot. It would be a much more enjoyable, comfortable drive.

I'll say "I" like the idea of a big oem 6 over a tightly wound 4. (I believe) It's the way a 6 has overlapping power strokes along with it's CC's that gives it it's smooth power. Lots of folk will tell you just pop a screaming, huffed up Subee 4 banger in there,. Well, if I was drag racing.. I sure would. But if you are looking for it to be a calm, powerful, everyday street machine?

I like to think of the 4/6 cyl battle as the difference between a BIG, slow running air-compressor from back in the day. And the typical screaming banshees that are sold today. They both do the same job (with the new one possibly putting out more). But if you have to use the garage every day, which one would you choose? The quite, big air-compressor or the smaller one screaming it's head, vibrating in the corner? Well, I don't know if that analogy will fly... But I vote for quite, smooth, power.

Sure like to hear more of what you are doing!


03:53:28 Wed
Oct 23 2013

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Re: 6 Cylinder Subie in a Superbeetle

Hello,I forgot my club name, and password. So I gave myself a new name, it's loneWolf01. What area are you in,USA? I really would like the ez36r, also turbo it. I have a bare ez30 code,I believe early version. The exhaust exits at one location for all the cylinder. What do you think a rebuild-ableez36r will cost. Many type VI,I have about 11,000.00 in just parts.


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