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What is the "Adopt A Forum" feature?

The "Adopt A Forum" feature allows one board to display a completely different board's forum on their own board (With permission from the admin of the other board, of course).

To adopt a forum from another board, you must first request the adoption from the admin of the other board. To do so, click "Adopt A Forum" in your admin center, and select a board from your BbRing, or enter a board ID. Then enter the number of the forum you wish to adopt. To find out the number of the forum you wish to adopt, visit the board that houses the forum, and hover your mouse over the link to enter the forum. You will see an URL like:

You can see from this URL that the number of the forum is 4. Enter this number in the "forum number" box. You can include a message to the admin of the board if you wish.

The admin of the board you wish to adopt a forum from will then recieve a notification, and will either accept or deny your proposal to adopt the forum. If it is acepted, the adopted forum will appear on your main board page.

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