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What is the "Auto-cron" feature?

The "Auto-cron" feature allows you to auto-delete or auto-archive posts after a certain number of threads in a forum. This option is not turned on by default.

To enable auto-archiving or auto-deleting, click on "Auto-Cron" in your admin center. Then, select either "do nothing to", "auto-archive" or "auto-delete" from the pull-down menu, and enter the number of threads in a forum before the action takes place.

For example, if you select "auto-delete", and enter "400", after a forum has 400 threads in, every new thread will "push" the oldest thread off the end, and delete it.

If you select "auto-archive", and "965", an archive forum will be created, and after a forum reaches 965 threads, and new threads being posted will "push" old threads off the end, and into the archive forum. The archive forum is a hidden forum which can only be entered by the administrator through the "View Archive" link in the admin center.

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