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What are Subforums and how do I use them?

Subforums are forums within forums. Admins can choose to use the Full style to have the Subforums displayed on the main board page. They can have None which would only show the Subforums in the Parent Forum they are in, or they can choose to use the Soft style of Subforums which will have the names of the various Subforums on the Parent Forum's description. This also serves to indicate when new posts are made in those Subforums by the name being italicized when new posts are made and looking normal when no new posts are waiting.

The Parent Forum is used to hold several related Subforums and you can set the Parent Forum up so that it cannot be used for posting and the most recent threads replied to, along with the total number of threads/posts reflects the Subforums within. This is done in the Posting Restrictions screen in the Parent Forum itself.

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