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How do I set my BbBoard's time?

Time here is a user end settings so you can't set one for the board as such, you need to go to your User CP and in there in Edit Settings that is where you adjust the time so posts across the network appear in your zone. Here is a chart covering some of them below you can refer to.

  • Pacific Standard Time: GMT-8
  • Mountain Time: GMT-7
  • Central Standard Time: GMT-6
  • Eastern Standard Time: GMT-5
  • Santiago: GMT-4
  • Buenos Aires: GMT-3
  • London: GMT+0
  • Paris: GMT+1
  • Cape Town: GMT+2
  • Moscow: GMT+3
  • Bangkok: GMT+7
  • Hong Kong - GMT+8
  • Tokyo: GMT+9
  • Sydney: GMT+10
  • Auckland: GMT+12

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