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I am getting a message saying 'Blocked Log in' and can't log in.

The message: Blocked login - someone is already logged in to this account. If you are the legitimate user, please e-mail from the e-mail address you signed up with. To avoid this in future, please log out before logging in on a different computer, or turn off the login block option in your User CP security settings. will appear when you've either deleted your BbCookie and not logged out before doing so, or you have not logged out properly before trying to log in from another computer.

You need to either uncheck the Log Me In Only Once option in the User Security settings or remember to always log out before you finish a session and plan on logging in from another location. If you need unblocked then you need to e-mail support@bbboy from the email your account is associated with and include your username so we can unblock you.

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