Five years and still going strong
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15:01:53 Sun
Dec 10 2006
Five years and still going strong
It's been five years that we've been open for business. Many of you have been with us for this, now we've set up a way to make it restore from backups again, overcome the downtime we experienced a few days ago during the server shake-down. You're still with us too in spite of all that's happened in five years, the ups and the downs, you're still with us. Thank you. :woo:

In the next five years who knows what new fronteirs will be opened for message boards, in a network where BbGames exist and we've got our BbChat. We've had our multiple signatures and all kinds of cool extra's from the beginning back in December of 2001. How many of you still have BbBoard shirts? I know I still have mine. :hug:

But here is December 2006. No matter if you've been with us for five years or only three, you know the quality of our service and we promise to continue to be here well into the foreseeable future. We might not be actively developing V1 network, we might again do some upgrades over the coming year. So don't hold your breath, that this is all that there will be for the BbBoard V1 network. :cowboy:

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours; as well as a safe and Happy New Year's to you and all your members. :smile:

00:15:18 Tue
Dec 12 2006
Re: Five years and still going strong
Woo hoo!! Party. I'm one of those that has been here for those five years and I'm so glad. Wow it doesn't really seam like it. I do have some suggestions for you guys to consider. When you look at a member's profile it would be nice to be able to see links to like the last six posts they made. That way we can find other baords.

How about updating the quotes on the front page to feature comments from other board admins besides the ones that have been there for so long to help promote sites.

More access to admins. Some other boards allow you to see the email addresses of members even if they are hidden. That would be a nice feature here. The way we can see invisible members.

Multiple sigs are cool, thought I don't really use that feature. How about multiple personal pics so you can kinda change them with your mood like on some journals. I know we have the mood icons, but it would be nice if we could chose between may-be six pics we'd have to upload ourselves or more for those of us that have paid. I do love our spoiler and whisper features. Those rock.

I think I had a few more but that's all I can think of at the moment. Thanks for your great service.

17:26:16 Sun
Dec 24 2006
Re: Five years and still going strong
Quote: BbAdmin

How many of you still have BbBoard shirts? I know I still have mine. :hug:

I still have mine too :thumb:

Merry Christmas everyone

Five years and still going strong
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