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kringle_miningRe: Banded Iron Formations
pretty cool stuff!
bedrockerRe: Banded Iron Formations
Yes..South Fork Mining is me...
kringle_miningRe: Banded Iron Formations
Go to facebook and look up:

South Fork Mining, Happy Camp California
dickbRe: Banded Iron Formations
I to think they are a very nice looking stone. I wonder how they would polish up, could be that the iron bands won't take a polish. But even so, that might make an interesting cab. Give it a try and I'd be interested to see how it came out.

Thanks for the post.

aumbreRe: Banded Iron Formations
Very purty rocks and good photos. Looks like jasper.
bedrockerRe: Banded Iron Formations
Correction on the age of the BIF's....they are mostly considered 1.8 to 3.8 ( GA ) Billion yrs old...
bedrockerRe: Banded Iron Formations
Hi Bill....I am a jade hunter first gold second...while prospecting in a creek I found this first small rock then a set of multi ton boulders.......that I thought could be BIF's....when I read they can be related to gold that got me curious......then when I read they are like 4.5 BILLION yrs old..considered some of the oldest rocks on the planet...I thought they may make a nice lapidary pendant, with a great story...basically here at our planets formation...too cool...so I am looking for a way to id what areas to look for the main formation...most of the rocks I deal with are much much younger...again..it is fun to find new things while prospecting

kringle_miningRe: Banded Iron Formations

Banded Iron Formations
bedrockerBanded Iron Formations
Hi Guys...looking for some of the geologist type guys for info about Banded Iron Formations ( BIF's ).....I am looking at a Geologic map for my area that breaks areas into rock formation zones...like Ultra Mafic...Meta Sedimentary and so on....I am looking for ideas on how to locate them if they are in my area, Happy Camp, CA....or if someone has a link to a site that could help me....thanks..to all...Rich

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