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DanfromNYRe: Ocean dredge
My box in Nome now is 35.5 inches wide I do believe.Thats for the 8" and my 6" box is 22" wide, I may be making my 6" box over to be a full 24" wide for this season. Ive got some time and some extra parts, and it never seemed wide enough at 22". Good luck to all this season, stay safe. Dan
Prospect09erRe: Ocean dredge
Dan What size sluice box you using on your boat? 32 wide???
DanfromNYRe: Ocean dredge
Ha Ha Ha "Microwave" Thats what I love about gold mining, gold miners are so much fun and ingenius. Ha ha See you in a few weeks, Dan
AK_Au_diverRe: Ocean dredge

The Jess creek area is well within the new West Offshore Mining Lease Tract, which is off limits without permission from the lease owners. There is a reason the professionals running big 10s stay close to the Jetty, the gold is much better there. They poke around in other places, but never stick around.

That excavator thing started pounding the Jess area in early October, and was hitting it pretty hard for a couple weeks in June too.

The size to have now in Nome is definably a 6", or a 10"+.

This summer is going to be a nightmare, with aggressive East miners flooding over to prospect, and discovering that the rumors were all false. I'm probably going to end up having to shoot some of them. Well, shoot them dirty looks, until they get burn out on weak ground and go back close to town.

I think I might install a microwave oven on my dredge, just in case.
DanfromNYRe: Ocean dredge
They were running that thing 24/7 until a break down.It was working in about 8 to 10 feet of water and many of its tailing piles reached the surface.It was a "prospecting" permit from one story I had heard.To limit the same area to 6" dredges this year with more tailings on top of everything else to deal with,seems a little wondering.Yes the "new rec area" already seems dredged out, But not that section down by Jess Creek, that areas not even sectioned off,may be well worth prospecting there.:smile:Good luck to all this summer,Dan
AK_Au_diverRe: Ocean dredge

That wash plant operation is severely limited as to depth.

The new rec area has been mined for years by several 10" dredges and many more smaller ones.

Prospect09erRe: Ocean dredge
How long did they work the rec. area for? I wonder what they were up too? Last chance effort before its off limits???
DanfromNYOcean dredge
This excavator/dredge/wash plant went thru the new west side rec area last summer

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