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SamBurginRe: 71-year-old gold miner Jim Wilde
That's a bad deal. Made worse by everyone allowing the travesty to continue.

I'm with Marshall, it would be hard for me to convict someone under those conditions.

JOE_S_INDYRe: 71-year-old gold miner Jim Wilde
Anchorage Daily News articles:







(You might have to register to view?)

eightymeshRe: 71-year-old gold miner Jim Wilde
they had to ask for directions cuz they were lost ????

id a told them if'n your so smart find your own way back.
doesnt this smack of "Piracy" hailing of a vessel with a false "MAY DAY" signal
MarshallAkRe: 71-year-old gold miner Jim Wilde
Yet another story of government abuse of the public...park service power run wild. Gotta keep those 71-yr old guys under control, 'ya know. Otherwise they all are gonna try to stop and help you, every time they see your boat dead in the water and floating downriver, with your hands waving wildly.

Those two park agents should be tarred and feathered, then tied naked to a stake in the middle of a mosquito bog.

I really like the suggestion of the reporter of this story:
remove government funding for park service "enforcement". Not just in Alaska, but everywhere. You can bet if I were on the jury in this man's trial, there is absolutely NO WAY I'd find him guilty.

Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: 71-year-old gold miner Jim Wilde
baubRe: 71-year-old gold miner Jim Wilde
Outrageous !

Mineral_Estate_Grantee71-year-old gold miner Jim Wilde

April 13, 2011
Occupying Army in Alaska
Posted by Lew Rockwell on April 13, 2011 06:02 PM
Writes James Pizzadili:

On a remote stretch of the Yukon River in Alaska, 71-year-old gold miner Jim Wilde was headed upriver on a moose hunting trip with his wife Hannelore and friend Jim Shenk. When they spotted an apparently disabled boat drifting in the current and waving for assistance, they approached to see if they could help. What Wilde found were two aggressive, violent park rangers who wanted to perform a “safety inspection” on his heavily loaded boat while drifting in the middle of the turbulent, fast-moving river. As can be expected, things went downhill from there, with the feds threatening the party with pistol and shotgun and with Wilde being physically assaulted, cuffed, and packed off to jail over a hundred miles away in Fairbanks.

Wilde is now on trial in Fairbanks, and while the Park Service wants to frame the story as simple law enforcement and even endangering their employees, Alaskans are wondering if the Park Service performs any useful function aside from acting as an occupying army. Wilde has been running boats on the Yukon River for decades, while the two rangers had a total of two months river experience between them and only three days training on operating a river boat. From the questionable testimony by the park service thugs that contradict all other accounts, the attempt by U.S. Attorney Stephen Cooper to manufacture evidence, and the fact that the feds got lost on the way back to town and had to ask Wilde for directions, this case is both an outrage and a farce.

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