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dredgerRe: Pro-Gold Prospecting's water flow table -- "Black Magic"
Thanks cubsqueal, I was thinking we just gotta incorporate better fine gold recovery concepts in bigger dredge concepts,

And also the area in which any new guy intends to work, he should fimilarize himself with local methods,


SedenRe: Pro-Gold Prospecting's water flow table -- "Black Magic"
I love my "Black Magic" miller table. Gets gold so small I don't see it till I tip it up and hose it down. I can't speak for Nome gold,but for the fly speck stuff I've gotten here in So.Calif. it works fantastic.

Randy Seden
Simi Valley,CA.
cubsquealRe: Pro-Gold Prospecting's water flow table -- "Black Magic"


Your upbeat attitude is always a pleasure.

It's a delight to have you on this forum!
dredgerRe: Pro-Gold Prospecting's water flow table -- "Black Magic"
I just wanted to suggest to the new guys that they should really read and understand the above words of wisdom,,remember them,and never forget them,it is some of the true Philosphy of Gold Recovery,

Great posts guys, dredger,

Another great thread cubsqueal, short but with a big punch,keep them coming, :smile:
baubRe: Pro-Gold Prospecting's water flow table -- "Black Magic"
It does help.

Thanks Eric,

overtheedgeRe: Pro-Gold Prospecting's water flow table -- "Black Magic"
I use the deep rubber V-Rib stuff. I have tried the shorter vinyl stuff, but all I've found for a good use of the vinyl is sluice dampener. I only use this system for upgrading concentrates when I have several pounds on hand.

It still won't be completely clean, but I always finish in a pan anyway. I am a fan of Chris Ralph's use of RE magnets per his ICMJ article and in his book. I suck the cleanest gold up with a glass eyedropper. I don't try to clean each pan, but rather get the easy mags and gold out, then add more cons.

Just my opinion on the vinyl ribbed material, but from my experience it doesn't work any better than a miller table, i.e. the angle is critical while the deep v-rib is more lenient on angle. Try to keep in mind that I hog the material in.

I've had more than one person tell me I was throwing away flour gold, but every time I have a larger percentage of the smaller fractions (down to 100-150 mesh) so it might be the thousands of hours slinging a pan that is the difference. Were it not for the low tenure, I could be content just panning.

Hope this helps.
baubRe: Pro-Gold Prospecting's water flow table -- "Black Magic"

Is the rubber v mat the deep v or shallow v ?


overtheedgeRe: Pro-Gold Prospecting's water flow table -- "Black Magic"
Nothing new. There are miners and there are those who mine miners. I have no problem with either. Caveat Emptor.

Miller tables work more or less. Like Dan pointed out, what works great for one character of gold may not and possibly won't work for another type of gold.

That being said, there is a product that I'm going to use for my variation of a Miller Table: Herculiner truck bed liner. 1 quart lines roughly 15 square feet. It is polyurethane with rubber crumbs embedded in it. One cautionary note: The solvent is xylene and not the stuff for unventilated use and wear gloves.

My application will be on an removeable insert within the table frame. The reason? I would rather remove a liner for washing than try to tilt the table and brush the gold off with the rubber crumbs fighting me the whole way. The liner itself? 20 ga aluminum available at most any hardware store. The Herculiner is available at most any larger auto parts store.

Currently I just use rubber v-rib in a clean-up sluice. Most of the gold I recover is in the 250-500 micron class. Flat with rounded edges. I use a 500 gph bilge pump for the water supply. Depth of water is NOT a major factor, but the angle is fairly critical. Hence my reason for a removeable liner. Set the frame at the right angle and just leave it alone.

For those who just have to use a neoprene rubber bedding material, there are several options. The rubber is available in sheet form from companies like MSC or use Devcon Flexane castable liquid or brushable available from the same sources as the sheet rubbers.

Like I said at the beginning. Nothing new, just new applications for existing materials.
3springerpuppiesRe: Pro-Gold Prospecting's water flow table -- "Black Magic"
Good advice !!!!!!
DanfromNYRe: Pro-Gold Prospecting's water flow table -- "Black Magic"
Very neat indeed, black sand seperator, I sell out at the shows with ones for only $20.00. Goes along the line of the paddling box. Getting it level is the big trick,water flow slow enough not to push their gold down the mat.All the gold used in the demo is rough with sharp or ground up edges.Most demos are done with one specific type of gold that will catch on their mat.I placed some of my Nome"flyspeck gold" on their mat during the show in LA and watched it float right off the mat into the tub on the end. While their gold for the demo still hung up on the mat.Ive done this same experiment with the Blue bowl and the gold wheel at shows,I might suggest buyer be ware and make your own judgements,and dont be afraid to take material to a gold show and test products with what you will run thru the machines not what the salesman are showing.Carnies are always good with the pitch, same as pitchman. I talked to the salesman in LA,they werent miners,but pro salesman. Good luck,

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