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Mineral_Estate_GranteeDangers of H.L.E.O (Sheriff) sell outs
Dangers of Head LAW Enforcement Officer (Sheriff) sell outs:
baubRe: If You See Something, Say Something
Cool !

Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: If You See Something, Say Something

Note: South West Oregon Mining Association Webmaster also linked up the Executive Summary document and is encouraging people to send it to THEIR local government in the hope that we can spread this.

You can use the following on the boards:

On May 5th, 2011, Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson issued a letter to the United States Forest Service similar to the one recently issued by Sheriff Palmer of Grant County, Oregon. In his letter, Gilbertson expressed utter disbelief that USFS told him to submit a FOIA request if he wanted any information pertaining to a recent legal complaint he (Gilbertson) received from a local miner regarding long standing harassment and other issues by USFS. The letter is the latest of several official correspondences between Gilbertson and the USFS after he had studied a copy of an executive summary titled "The Mining Law: The Extent of Federal Authority Over Public Domain", which was authored by the South West Oregon Mining Association (SWOMA).

In his most recent letter, Gilbertson throws down the gauntlet, stating in part "As the CLEO of this county, elected by the citizens, saddled with the expectation and responsibility to safeguard their rights, I fully intend to uphold the laws against any threat, inappropriate or unlawful actions against them."

Find out more at:

Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: If You See Something, Say Something
Sheriff Gilbertson on KMED

Geo_JimRe: If You See Something, Say Something
Does this link take us to where you want us to go, MEG? I would like more info, but this link leads me to much more than I want to know.
Geo Jim
baubRe: If You See Something, Say Something
Hmmmmm. Worth a read.

Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: If You See Something, Say Something
Until the SWOMA Webmaster come get the Sheriff's letter(s) posted on the site, Armadillo Mining has one available to read or get a copy from.
Mineral_Estate_GranteeIf You See Something, Say Something
It has been brought to the attention of the people attending last Friday’s South West Oregon Mining Association meeting at Pottsville, where Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson was in attendance, it was witnessed in a Forest Service meeting in Grants Pass Oregon this last April, Kevin Johnson, area Mining Geologist told a group of about 60 +/- in attendance he had just returned from a meeting in Washington DC where mining claims and issues related were being discussed and that Posting of NO TRESPASS Notices found about mining claims are to be ignored and if anyone sees or hears of anyone prospecting or mining while out and about, they are to report back to him or Forest Service agent Karla Gallegos. Apparently Mineral Estate Grantees are presumed criminals by the Federal Agencies. The Mining Geologist was also said to have told the attendees they (the Forest Service) will be moving to remove mining incident tools from valid mining claims when weather permits…using force if need be.

Sheriff Gilbertson told the SWOMA meeting attendees, His attempts to get answers from the Forest Service have been met with “We don’t have to explain anything to you”. If you want information file a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request. Essentially telling him they are the authority and he is to bow to them when it comes to the Forest Lands issues. He also said, we are dealing with a monster, out of control and outside their authority to act lawfully.

Copy(s) of Sheriff Gilbertson’s letter(s) pertaining to the Forest Service contempt for his and other Sheriff’s authority should be found posted on www.miningrights.org shortly.

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